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Telephone interpreting: a quick and efficient solution

As in all sectors, legal professionals may be required to work with international clients or partners. To ensure that language is not a barrier to communication, professional interpreters may be required. Telephone interpreting offers both speed and simplicity.

TraduPhone offers, among its many services, telephone interpreting in more than a hundred languages, from the most common to the rarest.


How has the pandemic transformed interpretation services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have had to reinvent themselves very quickly to cope with the decline in activity and health restrictions. And the translation and interpretation sector is no exception.

How to organise your online meeting with the help of an interpreter

In the new professional world, as a consequence of Covid-19, meetings are now frequently held via telephone and video conferences due to the limitations of travel and teleworking. Our work habits must therefore get used to this small revolution.

More often than not, the participants of a meeting do not speak the same language. In addition; expressing yourself in a foreign language using these new work tools is not always as easy as doing it "face to face".


Vidéoconférence  Quels sont les principaux outils pour des réunions en ligne

The platforms listed below are the most common, but the list is far from exhaustive.


TraduPhone has chosen the two most popular video interpreting tools.

Today, there are many tools that offer video conferencing; some are free for limited use, others you have to pay for if you want to use them for professional and regular use.

They offer many features such as screen sharing and collaborative editing of documents. These platforms facilitate teleworking, remote meetings, and international business relations without the need to travel.

Consider telephone or video remote interpreting with Chinese business partners

As with all relationships, business partnerships are built on trust and mutual appreciation. Even if all those involved come from the same cultural background, this is not always easy and for business partners from different cultures, small misunderstandings are inevitable.

There are quite big differences between the Chinese and European cultures and the way differences are handled can determine the success of the negotiations.