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Telephone interpreting: a quick and efficient solution

Telephone interpreting: a quick and efficient solution

As in all sectors, legal professionals may be required to work with international clients or partners. To ensure that language is not a barrier to communication, professional interpreters may be required. Telephone interpreting offers both speed and simplicity.

TraduPhone offers, among its many services, telephone interpreting in more than a hundred languages, from the most common to the rarest.


What is telephone interpreting?

An interpreter acts as a link between several speakers over the telephone. The interpreter listens and then translates what each speaker says.

As telephone interpreting involves at least three people, a conference call, via telephone for example, is usually necessary. The procedure is therefore the same as for standard liaison interpreting, but must take distance limitations into account.


When to use telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting may be necessary in many areas, particularly in the legal sector. An interpreter may be required when a legal act is carried out with someone who does not speak, or is not fluent in, the language of the interlocutors.

The main advantage of this type of interpreting is the speed of the service: the interpreter does not have to travel, so they can perform the interpreting quickly and respond to various urgent requests.


Who should I contact for a telephone interpreting request?

Above all, it is essential that you chose a high-quality telephone interpreting service particularly with regards to ensuring good sound quality and it is also strongly recommended that you use interpreters that can translate into their mother tongue. In this way, the interpreter will have no audible accent and will guarantee a quality service, carried out with absolute faithfulness to the original speech.

For this reason, the translators and interpreters of the Optilingua International group all work in their mother tongue. Many of them are based in the country where the target language is spoken and specialise in a particular sector.

In their virtual conference rooms, TraduPhone agencies offer quality telephone interpreting services to meet all your interpreting needs, even the most urgent, in more than a hundred languages, using professionals based all over the world.


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