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Video conferencing: What are the main tools for multilingual online meetings?

Vidéoconférence  Quels sont les principaux outils pour des réunions en ligne

The platforms listed below are the most common, but the list is far from exhaustive.


TraduPhone has chosen the two most popular video interpreting tools.

Today, there are many tools that offer video conferencing; some are free for limited use, others you have to pay for if you want to use them for professional and regular use.

They offer many features such as screen sharing and collaborative editing of documents. These platforms facilitate teleworking, remote meetings, and international business relations without the need to travel.

Interpreters are often required in international meetings, referred to as video remote interpreting. It is also known as remote interpreting because it is suitable for telephone communication as well.


Video interpretation is simple thanks to videoconferencing tools

There are many tools available such as Zoom Meetings, Skype, and Microsoft Teams etc., that allow you to hold multilingual remote meetings with just a few clicks.

In addition to video calls, these platforms often offer features such as screen sharing, chat, and collaborative editing of documents, which facilitates video interpreting.

TraduPhone uses the following two platforms:


Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing tool for professionals that allows you to organise meetings with multiple participants including the interpreter if necessary. The service is simple: the meeting administrator creates a room and sends an invitation by e-mail or link to the participants, who do not need to have an account on They simply click on the link to enter the meeting.

It is important to note that the free version limits the duration of meetings to 40 minutes, but there are no restrictions for online meetings between two people only.

TraduPhone uses a professional version to provide its customers with unlimited duration for video interpreting services.


Microsoft Teams

This platform allows you to organise videoconferences and access shared Office documents in real time.

Microsoft Teams offers a free version for videoconferences associated with 10 GB of files per team and an additional 2 GB per user.

Features also include screen sharing and collaborative editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents. External applications can be inserted.

In order to offer a video remote interpreting service, TraduPhone has a professional subscription with Microsoft to put its customers in contact with an interpreter on its platform.


There is another common tool that may be useful to our readers (however TraduPhone does not use it currently):


Well known for its audio and video calling, Skype Consumer is also available in a browser-based version. With a PC interface, the online messenger allows you to create free video calls. Access is free and you don't need to be registered for the service to attend a meeting, which can be accessed via a link.

There is also a Skype "business" version for businesses, which is also suitable for business meetings.

This version focuses on enterprise environments and has unique features. You  can create meetings, chat in real time and share documents during the presentation thanks to the integration of the Office 365 Pro suite. Another  benefit of the corporate version is the ability to schedule meetings directly in the Outlook calendar.