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Prices of interpreter services by telephone

Unlike conventional interpreters, for whom you also have to pay travel expenses, food and perhaps even accommodation costs in addition to their hourly rate, you always only pay a basic fee for our telephone interpreting service and only for the actual interpreting service provided.

Automatic conference, each one calls the server:


First 15 minutes: € 43 excluding VAT
Each 15 minutes thereafter: € 33 excluding VAT

Other European languages, except Scandinavian languages:

First 15 minutes: € 58 excluding VAT
Each 15 minutes thereafter: € 48 excluding VAT

Scandinavian languages:

First 15 minutes: € 68
Each 15 minutes thereafter: € 58 excluding VAT

Other languages:

First 15 minutes: € 73
Each 15 minutes thereafter: € 63 excluding VAT

Participants: maximum of two

As above:

€ 15 excluding VAT, per participant, per 15 minutes

There is a minimum charge of €15 per minute, regardless of the duration of the call

Contact between participants set up by us: € 15 up to 10 people

What about quality and confidentiality?

Quality is the top priority at Optilingua! We only work with professional interpreters who can guarantee you professionalism, trust and the highest quality. Every Optilingua interpreter must prove they hold a recognized degree and this is carefully reviewed. In addition, a strict confidentiality statement must be signed.


Who is our telephone interpreting service most suitable for?

Small and mid-sized companies: Companies can benefit from our interpreting service to plan business trips or for international collaboration and sales meetings. Organising meetings and conferences is mere child’s play to us.

Attorneys and authorities: Our interpreting service is a simple alternative to conventional interpreting services, for example for legal consultations, filling out applications or for youth welfare meetings with parents who speak foreign languages.

Hospitals and doctors: Our interpreting service can be of assistance for admission and discharge meetings, during hospital visits or when providing explanations to patients who speak foreign languages.