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Video remote interpreting in Dutch

TRADUPHONE Video remote interpreting in Dutch – we make sure that your business communications are translated successfully into Dutch. Our Dutch interpreters will competently and professionally translate your virtual meetings (videoconferences or teleconferences), negotiations, webinars, or product presentations etc.


What is the cost of a Dutch interpreter?

Prices depend on the language combinations required, the length of the assignment and the medium used (telephone or video). Click here to obtain your free online quote.

We are proud of the quality of the services offered by our interpretation office. We only work with interpreters who are experienced in the relevant fields required: for example, a technical interpreter will be used for a webinar and a business interpreter will be responsible for negotiating an international contract.


Video remote interpreting dutch


Our strengths:

  • Quality: many years’ experience coupled with a thorough knowledge of the professional world. Optilingua International, which originated in Switzerland, has been in existence since 1975.
  • Diversity: a platform of 3,500 specialists in various fields of expertise in linguistics.
  • Responsiveness: online estimates are provided immediately for most languages and requests are responded to as soon as possible.
  • Flexibility: strict adherence to service schedules and judicious deployment of our staff enables us to offer you an impeccable service.
  • Experience: Optilingua international, owner of TRADUPHONE, has been in the language services business for over 40 years – a history that speaks for itself.


Video remote interpreting is a more convenient and less time-consuming option than having a translator visit your office. With our video interpreting technology, our interpreters can translate your conversations into a wide variety of languages wherever you are, whether or not you appear on the screen.

Thanks to the speed of this procedure, our video interpreting service is extremely flexible and practical. The conversation can be translated almost in real time and it is an economical alternative to face-to-face interpreting.

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Other services in Dutch:


In short, a few remarks about Dutch:

Dutch is spoken by around 23 million native people and is the national language in the Netherlands, Suriname, South America and the Dutch Antilles. Dutch is also the official language of the Northern region of Belgium, although French is the most widely spoken language and the lingua franca.